Finding Your Passion

What do you do in your life that brings out your passion? That thing that makes everything else worth while. You know that one thing that makes your eyes light up and dance when you think of doing it?

For me I have a lot of things that I have discovered bring me that kind of joy.  Why is finding something that brings you joy so important? This is where self care meets practical application. When you are doing something you love it doesn’t feel like work. It doesn’t feel like a job and it makes you happy. Self care is vital especially during healing from emotional trauma and life changes.

I have many things that bring me joy and spark my passion, from remodeling homes to hand crafting something special to writing. I have different things that I am passionate about doing at different times and I like to change things up to keep them fresh and new.

As I proceed through the divorce I am finishing the remodeling projects on the house we bought together. I still love this home but it isn’t mine anymore. Every step I take is to finish it for some other family to love. I will be coming and sharing pictures of the progress here as I complete different rooms, complete with before and after pictures.

Today I want to share just one thing I am passionate about; I LOVE repurposing things. Taking something old and making it new or giving it new life again is special and has purpose. Saves our world from extra pollution (a topic I am pretty passionate about as well) gives something that still has value new life, saves money and can be fun to create something new!

That is where this chair comes into play…2018-11-14_12.03.50

I found this chair on a yard sale page on facebook and loved the shape of it. It clearly has many stains and is in mediocre condition.

But I have a solution and I will reveal the finished product in the coming days. 🙂

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