Would you believe it’s gluten free?

Being a fibro warrior I went gluten free two years ago. I’ve tried nearly every recipe under the sun for gluten free pie crust. None have ever lived up to the standard of the traditional versions. I have tried every brand some are mediocre at best and horrific trash at worst.

I have been a from scratch Baker and cook for the entirety of my adult life starting from a young age. So when I went gluten free the attempts to make food I used to love was discouraging. Nothing ever tasted quite right. It would be chalky or gummy in texture, never light airy it flakey the way traditional baked goods should be.

That is until this Thanksgiving! I finally found the perfect combination of ingredients and made a beautiful pie crust. Light, flakey, hearty enough to stand up to apples for pie

and yet perfect for a pumpkin pie crust

as well as my own personal creation, a sweet potato pecan pie.

This crust is surprisingly easy to create.

I used my ninja food processor with the dough blade. This may not seem important but let me tell you gluten free flour is easy to over work and causes it to become mealy.

The other tools you will need are a good even rolling pin, and parchment paper.


2 cups of king arther all purpose gluten free blend

1 stick cold butter

4 tablespoons olive oil

6-8 teaspoons ice cold water

2 tablespoons sugar *omit if using for a savory pie*

In the food processor place your flour and butter and pulse 3-5 times just to crumble butter into smaller pieces. I help this process along by cutting the butter and placing in chunks to start with. Add in the sugar and pulse a couple more times. With the lid on stream the olive oil in with the dough setting on. Then gradually add water one spoon at a time just until dough forms a ball.

Remove dough and divide in half. I immediately placed on parchment paper and placed another sheet of parchement paper over top and rolled out.

When placing in your pie plate peel one side of the parchement paper off flip the crust onto the pie plate and peel the bottom paper off. Go slow because it can pull the crust apart.

This crust will seem a little wet in this stage, and that’s good for pushing cracks back together.

For the apple pie I just made my normal filling, filled and baked like a traditional pie.

For both the pumpkin and sweet potato pies I prebaked them for 5 minutes in a 425* oven with a few fork holes poked around the bottom. This allowed the crust to firm up so that you didn’t get that nasty gummy texture on the bottom of the pie. Then bake the pumpkin pie as normal.

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