Healing Crystals

As an energy worker I love using stones, and Crystals for healing energy.

If you have ever picked up a rock and just thought it was pretty or that it felt good in your hand that’s because you were drawn to that energy for a specific purpose.

Different stones can help with different things and I am always looking for good ones to draw positive energy to me, help block the negative and to renew my energy.

With everything going on in my life I needed a good stone to help me that I could wear daily. Healing my heart chakra is paramount to getting through the challenges I’m facing. So I took to Amazon to hunt up something new. Sometimes there are some amazing deals to be had over there.

I chose this beautiful lepidolite stone.

The company also included a wonderful e-book free and is a small family run business which is even better.

This is an excerpt from the ebook. The whole book has very useful information.

I have since discovered that Ayana Wellness has a Facebook page as well. They even have some items listed for sale there, be sure to go check them out. Supporting small business is the best thing we can do to boost our economy.

Here I am wearing my beautiful newly charged stone.

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