Messages from the realms.

As a firm believer in all things are energy I often use a wide variety of divination tools to receive messages. I have a brand new deck of tarot cards that are amazing. Oracle cards with messages from the keepers of the light. This deck has resonated with since I got it.

This morning I awoke and knew I needed to draw three cards. This journey has been hard the last several months. The cards have helped me find some peace in the most difficult situation.

So today’s reading is one of uplifting myself. Keeping my focus on what I want and manifesting my destiny. Continuing in my power and remaining calm. I’m including the extended messages because I feel that there is a reader who needs these messages as much as I did this morning. When I do readings for others I always go based on intuition, but sometimes there is important bits of information in the extended message section of the book that talks about the cards.

I love the message of these cards and the uplifting way they help you feel in power.

If you would like a reading I would be happy to share my gift with you too. I accept donations if you feel led.

Feel free to contact me for a personal reading via email.

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