Kitchen renovations

When my husband and I bought The Wayne House I had so many plans for this home to be brought out of the 1970’s while keeping the integrity of a 100+ year old farm house.

Renovations can be expensive and time consuming. So we did a little here and a little there. Then a short 4 years later I find myself separated and it looks like I will be leaving this house much sooner than I ever dreamed of.

However I couldn’t leave the the kitchen half finished. Keeping with the farmhouse feel I have looked at many options for countertops. I just didn’t feel that most of the options for countertops we’re appropriate for this house.

Then I discovered shou sugi ban, a Japanese wood burning technic. The thought formulated to use this technic to make beautiful countertops out of solid wood…

I chose a local eastern Carolina pine in thick wide planks.

I have never seen anything more stunning, as I am coating everything with sealant it just becomes more amazing.

The kitchen cabinets will be getting a fresh coat of paint as well as the walls and the new open shelves. These new countertops however are a crowning glory. Unique, beautiful and fitting for the farmhouse feel.
shou sugi ban protects the wood from pests as well as from water. This makes it a good finish for the countertops. I am also coating it with a polyurethane lacquer. This will seal the wood without making it thick.

I can’t wait to unveil the entire kitchen with before and after pictures.

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