Another job…

Aside from working at the gym several days a week I recently was hired to be the Marketing & Advertising representative for Our Soul Oasis, the e-zine I write for. As the e-zine has grown I have picked up more business and blogging has taken a little back seat.

Advertising & Marketing Representative

I love this e-zine and helping others gain publicity for their businesses is a wonderful way to spend my day.

We are building up to a busy fall starting with a giveaway that will be see on national TV. I am participating in the give away, with a free intuitive reading as well as a coaching session. You will have to go to Our Soul Oasis to enter the contest. Then we have our regular editions coming out and a shoppers catalog for the holidays!

All of this is happening all while I’m trying to finalize the divorce, raising teens and preparing to move closer to my family back out west coast. My kids and I decided that family was most important, my sister had a baby and my brother and his family moved closer to her. We knew the time was coming for us to pack up and go back towards family. Having people you can trust and build on is going to be of the utmost importance as we rebuild our lives.

I love blogging, and will continue to do so, even if it is sporadic right now with life being messy. So stay tuned to learn more about all the ongoing events. I am certain there will be some adventures to tell shortly.

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