Tarot Tuesday

Sometimes we all need a positive uplifting message and the keepers of the light deck is perfect for this. This deck is filled with spiritual beings from many Faith’s who represent the light of the the Creator.

Today I did a one card draw specifically to share on my blog for Tarot Tuesday.

The Holy Spirit
Expect Miracles

The card for the day is a reminder that Love is the most important. Love is the true emotion of the light and when we live in love miracles can occur. Love is the source of the light, and when we focus on love we create and hold space for more love to flow into our lives from The Creator. This card also serves to remind us that we are always surrounded by angels, and when we leave behind the things that are no longer serving our greater good flowing within our heart space we can expect miracles to happen.

May you be reminded to allow love to flow. Love for yourself first, then love for each person in your life. Feel the love from Creator and then into everything you do.

Stay tuned next Tuesday for a new keepers of the light card.

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