Tarot Tuesday

Sometimes we all need a positive uplifting message and the keepers of the light deck is perfect for this. This deck is filled with spiritual beings from many Faith’s who represent the light of the the Creator.

Today I did a one card draw specifically to share on my blog for Tarot Tuesday.

The Holy Spirit
Expect Miracles

The card for the day is a reminder that Love is the most important. Love is the true emotion of the light and when we live in love miracles can occur. Love is the source of the light, and when we focus on love we create and hold space for more love to flow into our lives from The Creator. This card also serves to remind us that we are always surrounded by angels, and when we leave behind the things that are no longer serving our greater good flowing within our heart space we can expect miracles to happen.

May you be reminded to allow love to flow. Love for yourself first, then love for each person in your life. Feel the love from Creator and then into everything you do.

Stay tuned next Tuesday for a new keepers of the light card.

What is Intuition anyway?

First let me start by saying we all have intuition, But some people have spent so many years ignoring their own that they don’t understand what it is or how to tap into it. Even someone like me who has spent years honing my skills as an Intuitive reader glosses over my own intuition at times. So I thought it would be good to discuss what Intuition is and how to practice listening to it more often.

I believe intuition is given to us by Creator to help guide us. Spirit gives us nudges and helps us to be better at listening if we are willing to be still and listen. Intuition, when unnoticed is a small voice. We may think of it as our conscience, helping guide us in what is right and wrong, but it’s so much more than that!

The dictionary definition of the word Intuition say’s it is a direct perception of truth, fact, ect independent of any reasoning process. Further exploration of the definition says it is a keen and quick insight. Insight is not quick if we do not hone the ability to listen to it. However we can take steps to learn to listen and practice that listening so that it becomes quick.

For me when I tap into my intuition I know everything is going exactly as it should be for my highest good. I may get a fluttery feeling in the pit of my stomach or sometimes it comes with an intense deja vu. We all have those moments where we could swear this has all happened before. I tend to pay attention and start recalling information from what else I remember from that moment. Sights, sounds, smells, tastes, what else my other senses are picking up. How it makes me feel; excited, scared, happy, peaceful etc.

I started noticing I would have intuitive feelings about events or things happening in my life as young as 2 or 3 years of age. I would just notice that I could tell if something good or bad was going to happen. I didn’t know that it was a gift of insight or something I could practice more often until I was much older. As I grew up I learned that my Intuition could help me guide other’s, as I was able to tap into what could be good for someone else. I love that I can share my abilities with other’s and can help give insights they may not understand for themselves. However I am a teacher at heart and will always try to help other’s grow.

So how does one learn to hone their own intuition? It starts by getting quiet. meditation is a wonderful tool for this. learning to just be still and be quiet. listen to your own inner voice, that is your soul whispering to you what you need to know. Prayer, asking for guidance from our guides who have agreed to walk with us on the other side to help us get through the hard stuff. To guide us to do the things we need to achieve the learning we need here. Once you have practiced the getting quiet part you will start to notice the nudges you feel. Do you have a big decision to make? Getting quiet and listening is the best way to practice listening to your intuition. Sometimes you know instantly when something is going to be right for you, and other times you need to think about it for a bit. Feel your way into it. Sometimes intuition is that sudden panic of O no don’t do that! Or it is the subtle, i think I’ll walk instead of ride the bus today, only later you find out that bus broke down and would have caused a delay in your schedule. We sometimes don’t know why we do certain things but suddenly find ourselves doing them and that is always our guides and intuition leading the way.

Messages from the realms.

As a firm believer in all things are energy I often use a wide variety of divination tools to receive messages. I have a brand new deck of tarot cards that are amazing. Oracle cards with messages from the keepers of the light. This deck has resonated with since I got it.

This morning I awoke and knew I needed to draw three cards. This journey has been hard the last several months. The cards have helped me find some peace in the most difficult situation.

So today’s reading is one of uplifting myself. Keeping my focus on what I want and manifesting my destiny. Continuing in my power and remaining calm. I’m including the extended messages because I feel that there is a reader who needs these messages as much as I did this morning. When I do readings for others I always go based on intuition, but sometimes there is important bits of information in the extended message section of the book that talks about the cards.

I love the message of these cards and the uplifting way they help you feel in power.

If you would like a reading I would be happy to share my gift with you too. I accept donations if you feel led.

Feel free to contact me for a personal reading via email.