Intuitive Readings

The wild unknown Tarot cards are a fantastic traditional Tarot deck that lends itself nicely to a full length more in depth reading.

Pricing for a 5 card spread is $35
Pricing for a 7 card spread is $45


The Keepers of the light deck is a beautifully drawn deck of Oracle cards. These are guidance cards that give an uplifting message from the lightkeepers. Each card offers a detailed message.

One card draw $5
Three card draw $ 15
Seven card lay out for enlightenment $45                                                     


The Moonology deck is fantastic for giving insight into how the phases of the moon are affecting you, or giving you guidance in what to expect with coming moon cycles.

Three card draw is $15
Five card draw is $35

The vision quest deck was my very first deck. This magical deck is perfect for giving you a guided layout for your future. I use this deck most often when I need clarity on the choices I have in front of me.
7 card draw $45
10 card spread $55

Numerology is extremely valuable insight into situations like compatibility, life paths, and even job choices.
Reads start at $25 and will go up based on the details you are asking for.

Runes are a classic tool used and a rune reading is different then tarot.
A drawing of runes $25

My absolute favorite divination tool is my pendulum and board. This board was created by a talented friend, and the pendulum by my another Dear friend.
When I use my pendulum and board I always pray first, ask guides and spirit to watch over and provide answers to questions. I have been honing this skill for close to a decade.
Ask 3 questions $25